Serenity is a priceless emotion
Provides you with calmness and composure
Stillness and Quietness in abundance
Relaxation of the mind and soul.
Being lonely and away from worldly things
Brings out the peace in you
Something that you have been hunting
Something that you want to cling onto.
Let this Quietude reside in your heart
Heal someone with this tranquility
Someone who needs it most
Someone who will cherish this the most!!


The Me..!

She wanted to know me, not the me you know,

But, the raw me. The me only i knew.

And so, one by one i shed my ornaments and my clothes,

slowly peeled away this skin, ripped apart the flesh,

until i was but a cage of of bones that crumbled

down at her delicate touch and revealed

my poor heart, torn and tormented,

a refugee of her affections.


Journey… ! The moment that looks good enough to capture, generally when the journey is behind us. For me, it’s the long trips, the people I’m with, and the conversations along the way. The emotions I feel, the ups and downs, and the times we almost didn’t make it, but somehow pulled it off. It’s the way the entire experience changes my perspective and the freedom and liberty that comes from exploration with no expectation of outcome. It’s the willingness to learn to let go, accepting the inevitable struggles, and re-reaching myself to disconnect and just go with it. It’s memories I’ll keep forever, it’s reflecting back on the entire experience, and it’s the wisdom that can only come from living and tripping to such places. So this journey, beautiful in its own right, is just a tiny moment in a much, much bigger story! Journey…!

Memories of a Good Friend

A slow guitar hums in the background and I run through my thoughts of you. You were really a good friend, soft and tender to me all the time. I laughed, I smiled and I even broke into tears as I shared my feelings with you. You were a broken mirror yourself; still you looked good in all your pieces. Hidden and safe in a shelf all the time; whenever taken out, you smiled golden with the sun on your face.

I adored such small things about you. The way I was allowed to decide the girls you will be having, the way I could name them with my free will. You agreed, you listened and that was the greatest thing about you. I picked up whenever you don’t want to talk to me, or whenever I appeared less interesting to you. Still I stringed behind you like a cat behind the lady with the fish. You may have occurred to me as a solution of many problems, or maybe not.

“Cause if you walk away, I’ll follow on…” I thought I would, but no. I am done with you being done of me. I want see you; I want to know why I made you laugh so much. Even when you read this, you must be thinking, “gash, what a looser!”but I don’t care. I am that one, that one guy who is curious for such small things. I want to know why I always felt you were special; in a rather sister who was your best friend way. I simply want to know why.

You occur to me like a kite flying away. You are beautiful in every color you are. You are happy and you appear free. It seems to me that you are running behind your dreams. So whenever you rest your hair is your home dear. I just want you to be happy. You were in my sky, now it’s time that you seem pretty in many others as well…. Thank you….(♥ŠibÜ♥)

Feeling lost

She knew that he loved her. He was not just a friend for her. But there was someone else, for whom he was the universe and it was that someone who deserved him. It was aching for her to make a choice whether to stay or walk away. She knew that her absence is something that he can’t accept. But some things are meant to end even if it’s forever that we want it to stay. He and his love were meant for that someone and not for her. She was devastated, but walking away was the only option left for her. Crying beneath the wild sky but trying hard to hide her tears. She walked away. Feeling lost. She wish to get lost in the mist somewhere, where there will be no pretence, no layers of fakeness, no judgments, no assumptions!