Happy Dreaming

Dreams I believe in
Dreams I have conviction in
Even though some may not come true
Some may take time to manifest

No one can take that right away from me
Dream and dream more if you must
Have faith and keep going on
Your passion will speak one day

Your love will shine
Dreams will be stunned by your fervor and zeal
Let not hurdles distract you,
Let not the whirlpools of fear drown you.

Keep moving towards your dream
Happy Dreaming!!


Perfect for Heaven and Hell

Silence, all around the wood. There was such solace in that area. The place was born for them. Two humans living and filling their voids with their existence. Coloring their future with the sketches of the present. She and He were perfect. Picture perfect. And they were there again. On the shore, the lake shore. By the woods. Silence, more silence. Smile. Their car behind. Engines exhaling smoke. The birds, nature, the trees rumbling symphonies. What a beautiful day.

She went upto him. Hung her head on his shoulder. Struggled a smile. He recognized and asked what was wrong. Slow piano in the background. Flowers in slow motion trembling down towards the earth. The whole earth centered on hearing what she has to say. Even the angels descended. She forced a smile again. We’re having a baby. She said at once. She said again, we’re having a baby. Silence rhymed a few seconds after. His eyes went affixed on hers. The blue of the sky, the green of the leaves, everything breached in them. They at the moment though was foggy for him. What ? He asked and she said we’re having a baby. His face turned away. But, but that was not what we planned he said. But that’s how it works hon.

A fox howled somewhere in the distance. Dusk it was night nearly there. A plastic bag filled with a dead woman was wavering in the wind. A man washing the blood off his hands in the lake. The whole earth frozen and dead silent. The currents even in the capricious lake mourning to the dead pretty. Divinity in the seconds passing. The plastic bag is roped to a large rock. The rock shaped in the shape of depression, maybe its sole purpose of existence was to cover this day into a secret.

Dark, pitch darkness. The lake seems felicitous for the plan. The man is seen with an essential grief throwing a reasonably heavy bag into the lack. Damping a rock first, the bag follows. Grieving, yet his emotions overflowing. Everything seems rudimentary. The agony that personifies as his visage, the incantation of cries that escapes his lips after ever sip of beer. He tells himself he is ready. He feels he is infallible at the moment. He gets into the car and starts the engine. Everything seems fine. He just needs to drive away. And so he does. Hiding a murder, killing two. His engines sultry in every passing second. Everything seems wicked. His eyes red. He reaches the highway. The notes in his life seem to flip over. Her face. Her face is all he sees. Her face, her face doesn’t seem to move away.

One truck. One hit. Blood. Lots of blood. Broken car wrecks. Glasses shattered hurting the road. A whole family is dead. A loving wife, a murderer and their unborn child. Perfect for the ghosts, perfect for heaven and hell…



Serenity is a priceless emotion
Provides you with calmness and composure
Stillness and Quietness in abundance
Relaxation of the mind and soul.
Being lonely and away from worldly things
Brings out the peace in you
Something that you have been hunting
Something that you want to cling onto.
Let this Quietude reside in your heart
Heal someone with this tranquility
Someone who needs it most
Someone who will cherish this the most!!


The Me..!

She wanted to know me, not the me you know,

But, the raw me. The me only i knew.

And so, one by one i shed my ornaments and my clothes,

slowly peeled away this skin, ripped apart the flesh,

until i was but a cage of of bones that crumbled

down at her delicate touch and revealed

my poor heart, torn and tormented,

a refugee of her affections.


Journey… ! The moment that looks good enough to capture, generally when the journey is behind us. For me, it’s the long trips, the people I’m with, and the conversations along the way. The emotions I feel, the ups and downs, and the times we almost didn’t make it, but somehow pulled it off. It’s the way the entire experience changes my perspective and the freedom and liberty that comes from exploration with no expectation of outcome. It’s the willingness to learn to let go, accepting the inevitable struggles, and re-reaching myself to disconnect and just go with it. It’s memories I’ll keep forever, it’s reflecting back on the entire experience, and it’s the wisdom that can only come from living and tripping to such places. So this journey, beautiful in its own right, is just a tiny moment in a much, much bigger story! Journey…!