The Me..!

She wanted to know me, not the me you know,

But, the raw me. The me only i knew.

And so, one by one i shed my ornaments and my clothes,

slowly peeled away this skin, ripped apart the flesh,

until i was but a cage of of bones that crumbled

down at her delicate touch and revealed

my poor heart, torn and tormented,

a refugee of her affections.


Journey… ! The moment that looks good enough to capture, generally when the journey is behind us. For me, it’s the long trips, the people I’m with, and the conversations along the way. The emotions I feel, the ups and downs, and the times we almost didn’t make it, but somehow pulled it off. It’s the way the entire experience changes my perspective and the freedom and liberty that comes from exploration with no expectation of outcome. It’s the willingness to learn to let go, accepting the inevitable struggles, and re-reaching myself to disconnect and just go with it. It’s memories I’ll keep forever, it’s reflecting back on the entire experience, and it’s the wisdom that can only come from living and tripping to such places. So this journey, beautiful in its own right, is just a tiny moment in a much, much bigger story! Journey…!