Painful Solitude

No matter where you are, 

You remains in my heart forever.

Thinking of you, today, Tears fall from my eyes.

Those moments of happiness and love,

that we spent together is just a dream now.

Your memories behold me today.

Focusing on my future, we sacrificed our present.

Sitting in the dark, My thoughts fly towards you.

What being with you means, I can’t tell you in words.

A painful solitude suffuses me.

Each moment, my heart cries to see you.

My each breath has the desire

To hear your voice and speak to you,

Just two words, infact that would make me happy.

Now I pray to god to give me a chance to cry aloud

Infront of my love and say that

‘Though I can’t describe you my love, I want to convey

How much I miss you in these days.

And sure being apart from you is so painful.’



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