Being Together…!

All she wanted was some time, to be alone. She sat by the shore watching the waves,hearing them whisper. The soft breeze kissed her hair. The ocean of memories gushed to her mind. Tears started streaming down her blue eyes. The haunting memories of her past lingered on even after the one who caused it walked away long back. The worst day of her life flashed back in her mind. The day, her femininity was just a showpiece in the eyes of the man who she thought her world was. She wished it was just a bad dream. She saw a passenger boat approaching the shore with a bunch of happy tourists. But she never noticed him standing by her side,watching her. He came and sat beside her and looked at her. She too looked up and in his eyes she saw the sea of love for her. He held her hands and slowly whispered into her ears, “I know that you need time. I am ready to wait for months or years or even this whole life for you..just to be with you. It’s not out of sympathy as you think. It’s because I love you.” She knew that it’s his heart that he’s opened in front of her. The boat reached the shore and two kids laughing and giggling, holding the hands of their parents walked past her. That moment she knew that it was him that she wanted her kids to call ‘daddy’. It was him with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life. It was him who was her future. It’s him…only him… her love of life….


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