Interstellar is a big budget science fiction endeavour directed by Christopher Nolan. The film has a brilliant star cast including Mathew McConaughey in the title role, the film also features established actors such as, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain in lead roles. Like other Nolan films, interstellar also presents a number of complicated stories and ideas that may feel confusing for certain moviegoers.

The movie is a bold, beautiful cosmic adventure story with a touch of the surreal and dreamlike and yet it always feels grounded in its own serious reality. The plot of the movie revolves around the Lazarus project. The project is undertaken by NASA. It’s a secret search for a new planet. The astronauts of NASA are travelling to galaxy to find a new habitable planet after earth is despoiled by environmental catastrophe. The belief is bolstered by the recent appearance of a mysterious wormhole near one of Saturn’s moons, through which a cluster of potentially suitable planets have been glimpsed. The team Endurance, a crew of five departs to set out to look for alternate planets where human can repopulate to survive total destruction.

McConaughey, the talented actor is the leading man of this movie. He played the role of Cooper. Cooper identifies himself as an engineer, astronaut, farmer and as a great father. His farewell to his ten year old daughter Murphy is shot lit in warm with emotional heart breaking background score. Anchored in the bottomless depths of paternal love, interstellar is a story about feeling as much as thinking.

The cast is an outstanding asset to the film. McConaugheys immense talent is on full display. His tone and attitude are devastatingly remarkable. It is his career’s best performance. Anne Hathaway gives yet another stunning performance in her career. No one could have played the role of Amelia like Anne. Jessica Chastain played a perfect role, even though her role is limited. Michael Caine looks better and performs a very difficult role on his shoulders very well.

The movies storytelling masterstroke comes from adherence to the principles of relativity. This movie clearly depicts how the astronauts and people on earth perceive time. With many theories from physics chased by shots of moral philosophy, Interstellar can at times feel like a three year long undergraduate course is merged into a three hour movie.   The movie clearly explains the science behind wormholes.

Christopher Nolan itself is the lifeline of interstellar. He is known for his skill in presenting aspects of science in a fantastic way. Interstellar is Nolan’s best and most brazenly ambitious film to date.  The background score by Hans Zimmer is breathtaking and heartbreaking. The film is a feast of ideas illustrated by cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema and Nolan’s visual effects team has excelled with heart swelling grandeur. The beauty of the scenes that shot with IMAX cameras was fantastic.Interstellar gives space a whole new dimension.